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Multi-Surface Cleaner

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This is the best multi-surface cleaner you will ever use.  Use it on every surface from quartz to windows to wood.

It is super efficient. It will make mirrors and windows shine. It will add a gloss finish to wooden surfaces. It cleans up computer screens, phone screens and glasses without leaving a trace. 

  • Made of natural ingredients, toxin free
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for house usage

Say good bye to those cleaning moments thinking ‘’I feel like I’m breathing a cloud of chemicals’’. Pure Multisurface is a natural anti-irritant for your respiratory system. You can stop holding your breath while cleaning. We can hear your relieved sigh from here.

Option to purchase in 100 grams/ml units.  If you would like more than 100 grams/ml, please add multiples to your cart.  For example:  If you would like 400 grams/mls, please add 4 of this item to your cart.  Your cleaner will be delivered in a sterilized glass container.

  • Aqua water
  • Sodium laureth sulfate Certified plant-based cleaning agent without contamination
  • C9-11 alkyl polyglucoside Plant cleaning agent
  • Sodium chloride Mineral viscosity adjuster
  • Glycereth-2 cocoate Plant wetting agent
  • Sodium citrate Plant spring water softener
  • Methylchloroisithiazolinone Synthetic and biodegradable preservative
  • Methylisothiazolinone Synthetic and biodegradable preservative
  • Fragrance/Perfume Mix containing at least 50% natural essential oils and sometimes synthetic fragrances always without harmful chemicals


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