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The Roots Refillery Way

Refill your home from top to bottom. Reduce waste, save money, support our local economy.

Shop ethically sourced products

Peppermint Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Roots RefilleryPeppermint Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Roots Refillery

Peppermint Toilet Bowl Cleaner

2 reviews
From $3.75
Dishwasher Tabs

Dishwasher Tabs

5 reviews
Bamboo Pot Brush - Roots RefilleryBamboo Pot Brush - Roots Refillery

Bamboo Pot Brush

2 reviews
Elate Essential MascaraElate Essential Mascara - Roots Refillery

Elate Essential Mascara

4 reviews
ULAT Dryer BallsULAT Dryer Balls

ULAT Dryer Balls

2 reviews
From $12.00

Whether you are a Vegan Vicky or a Frugal Frankie, Roots Refillery Has Something for You

Grouchy Glenn


Pretty Penelope

College Kid Cam

Frugal Frankie

Vegan Vicki

The Perfect Sustainable Laundry Kit

Supporting Roots Means...

Roots Refillery was born to solve problems

By supporting Roots you've made a positive impact on our environment and your community.

Needs Vs Wants

chemical free, gentle and good for you.

Majority of the companies we have partnered with are Certified B Corporations meaning that they are companies that source their ingredients both socially and environmentally responsibly. 


Our planet needs us now more than ever and by taking small steps in reducing our waste together we can make a big difference in the world we live in.