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Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner

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Kitchen + Bathroom can be used virtually anywhere in the house. 

Name can be a little misleading, but this product is well known to dissolve grease and the most tenacious of stains (most of which are in those rooms, thus the name). You need to try it out on your BBQ, on your car bumper’s dead fly museum and even in the shower.

We personally love it for cleaning our oven and inside of the fridge!  Dissolves stuck on condiments such as ketchup, honey and everything else that finds its way around in seconds!

Its peppermint smell is a must to spread a feel of freshness in the air (kind of the same feeling you get after brushing your teeth)

Pair this with Pure's Multi-Surface cleaner for a full house cleaning match made in heaven

Quantities/Pricing in 100 gram/ml portions. If you would like to order more, please additional units.

Example: To order 500 grams/mls, add 5 units of this product to your shopping cart.

Your Refill will be delivered in a sanitized glass container.


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