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Bleaching Agent

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Osmose bleaching agent revives whites and colors by dislodging residues in the tissues.

This bleaching agent contains powerful active oxygen and soda bicarbonate which, upon contact with water, remove stains and degrease, as well as soften water to maximize the efficacy of laundry detergents. Soaking cloths which have yellowed, greyed, or been stained is an ideal usage for this product, and it can be combined with detergent for maintenance washes. An eco-friendly approach for preserving white shoes is also possible with this bleaching agent.

  • It will not discolour dyed fabrics.
  • Combine with disinfectant and deodorant powder to obtain the equivalent of an eco-friendly bleach.

Quantities/Pricing in 100 gram portions. If you would like to order more, please additional units.

Example: To order 500 grams, add 5 units of this product to your shopping cart.

Your Bleaching Agent will be delivered in a sanitized glass container.

FOR FRONT WASHER: 60 ml of product diluted in a little hot water + laundry detergent / load.

FOR CONVENTIONAL WASHER: 60 ml of product directly in the tub + laundry detergent / load.
FOR SOAKING: dissolve 120 ml (1/2 cup) of powder in 4 liters of hot water and let soak for 24 hours. Then wash the clothes.
Clean & Maintain Grout:  Combine 1 part bleaching agent to 10 parts hot water Apply the solution on stained or moldy grout.  Wait a few minutes and then remove with an old toothbrush.  Rinse Thoroughly

Sodium percarbonate


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