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How Do I Make My Towels Fluffy Again?

Over time our beautiful towels turn from fluffy and absorbing to scratchy and well, just not doing the job!

This happens due to the build up of detergents, softeners, dryer sheet residue, hard water and of course, day to day use.  

About every 4 months or so we like to strip not just our towels and linens, but also gym clothes and anything else that is not looking as fluffy as it can or we just cannot wash a smell out of.  Our stripping powder is made for cloth diapers, so it is perfect for the most sensitive skin.

There are a couple of ways to strip your clothes.

1) Soak them over night.  Not only is this very satifying to watch, for heavier soiled clothes and linens, this is the best strategy.  If you are stripping just a few items in a sink, we suggest that you fill the sink up with hot water and add about a half cup of the stripping powder.  Mix it in and let soak for an hour.  In an hour, add some additional warm water and give the clothes a stir.  At this time, add up to anther half of a cup of the stripping powder, mix in and leave for the night.

2) For larger loads like linens, we like to fill our bathtub up with hot water and toss them all in.  Add a cup of the stripping powder, stir, let sit for an hour.  In an hour, stir, add another cup of the stripping powder, stir and leave for the evening.  

Warning:  If your loved one like to come home and enjoy a nice warm bath in the evening, try and remember to wait until he or she has enjoyed their bath before filling it and deeming it unuseable for 12 to 24 hours.  

After soaking is done, simply rinse all of your clothes and linens and launder as usual.