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The Good Card

Grow Your Card Kit

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The Grow Your Card Kit has everything you need to grow your card at home, in a unique and sustainably crafted planter. Just add water and sun!

These planters are 3D printed using plant-based materials from fermented organic matter such as sugarcane and corn starch. The planters are biodegradable and tough enough to last a lifetime - just not thousands.

The planters include drainage holes at the bottom, to help protect the growing seeds from excess water that can lead to rot and bacteria. 

The packaging has been updated to be more minimal and protective, and switched out the soil to a Soil Wafer - this soil wafer arrives to you in a dry puck shape, and expands when added to water. It's filled with nutrients to help start seedlings!

What’s included?

  • 3.25" Planter - 3D printed using planted-based materials by Conifer Homewares
  • Soil Wafer - packaged dry and expands when added to water


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