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Jug of Pure Laundry Detergent

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These 1 gallon jugs will hold about 160 loads of Pure's laundry detergent!

Not only will this save room in your laundry area, this makes it so easy to measure your detergent, reducing waste.

And, it is really pretty ;)

About Pure Laundry Detergent

Pure Laundry Detergent is made of ingredients that are good for the environment and your health, in a super concentrated formula. 95% of it dissolves in water. That, means less particles released into the wild, and also means less residue on your clothes.

What can you ask more of a laundry detergent? Smell good, soften all fabrics and reduce static ? Right, right. It does that too. There’s no good enough reason in this world to settle on a product that only takes care of your favorite human’s, your wallet’s and our planet’s health. Pure Laundry Detergent takes it one step further, we also satisfy expectations. 

Biodegradable - Baby and sensitive skin - Effective in cold water - Septic system safe - Gluten free - Aroma with essential oils - vegan and not tested on animals

Order a refill of your laundry jug online.  Simply select REFILL with which detergent you would like.  Set your Glass Laundry jug on your step on delivery day and we will swap it for a full one.


Only 2 pieces in stock!

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