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True Balance Aromatherapy

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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The Benefits of Sweet Orange

  • Improve digestion and help to relieve constipation
  • Promotes a feeling of happiness and warmth when used in aromatherapy
  • Helps to eliminate toxins from the body
  • Helps in stimulating lymphatic action to promote balance in water processes and detoxification of the body
  • Natural remedy for high blood pressure
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties. Sweet orange is one of several popular anti-inflammatory oils, including lemon, pine and eucalyptus. Orange oil has been shown to be the most effective.
  • Reduces anxiety and boosts mood.
  • Natural anti-depressant. Orange oil has been used as a mild tranquilizer for centuries. As little as five minutes of exposure to diffused orange oil can alter moods and enhance motivation, relaxation and clarity.

Origin: USA
Method of extraction: Expressed
Citrus sinensis
100% pure essential oil of Orange

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The price listed is per ml.  The typical Essential Oils bottle is 5 or 10 ml.

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