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Lily Pads

Bamboo Pantyliners

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Super thin and absorbent Lily Pads Pantyliners are the perfect choice for daily protection, discharge, spotting, or as a backup for your menstrual cup.

A better alternative to conventional disposable pantyliners with wrap wings for added coverage against leaks, and two snap options to fit your preferred fit to your underwear.

  • Hand-dyed bamboo velour topper
  • Cotton flannel backing
  • Double Snapping wings to hold the pad to your underwear  
  • Measures approximately 7" long by 2" - 2.5" wide (when snapped)
  • Machine wash and dry 

Care Instructions

After use store in a wet bag or designated laundry basket.  Machine wash in cold water, do not use bleach or fabric softener.  Handwashing is great too!  Tumble dry or hang dry.



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