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Bamboo Foot Brush

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This brush is a duo superstar!

The pumice derived from molten volcanic rocks is featured on one side, providing a natural exfoliant to reduce dead skin buildup on the feet.

The polypropylene bristles on the other side is the perfect mix of softness and rigidity to clean your feet. The bristles can also be used to for dry brushing and lymphatic massage, which helps stimulate the body's blood circulation and evacuate toxins from the body. Dry brushing also helps vivify the nervous system and improve muscle toning in order to prevent aging of the skin.

* Wood color may vary. This bamboo foot brush is not waterproof. Store in a dry place.

Polypropylene bristles (recyclable material and an alternative to brushes which are generally made of wild boar hair), Bamboo Handle (biodegradable, sustainable options because it regrows easily after harvest, even in damaged and poor soils!, antibacterial),  vegan,  not tested on the animals


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